Computer Secrets Review

computer secrets

Digital Marketing: Secrets of aPC Technician will teach you to diagnose and fix nearly 85% of all common computer problems experienced by laptops, desktops, laptops, netbooks and all-in-one’s. Digital Marketing: Secrets of aPC Technician was written by a computer shop owner and technical technician whose long award winning repair shops have served more than 30,000 computers annually since 1987. The book is filled with tips and tricks of repairing almost every computer-related problem imaginable. It contains over nine hundred pages of digital marketing tips.

I bought this digital marketing book not only because I was having some issues with my computer but also because I wanted to know what other people are doing to make money with computers. After reading the digital marketing chapters I realized that almost everything I’ve been doing is really just information overload for me. With this book I realized that I can no longer handle all my computer related tasks without spending hours upon hours at the computer repairing problems…which is a drag.

With this book you will get to know digital marketing through inside out. For example, did you know that an average salesperson makes approximately forty thousand dollars a year? And guess what, it’s not just the job, its the whole office staff doing the job as well! It’s so easy to break this cycle. It’s not like you have to be good at math or electronics to do digital marketing. With the right guide you will learn how digital marketing works and how you can change your life with it.

This book has eleven digital marketing chapters and includes: How to Overcome the objection of customers, Digital Marketing Fundamentals, The Most Common Mistakes in Digital Marketing, Five Keys to Successful Digital Marketing Campaigns, Digital Marketing Campaign Planning, The Most Overlooked Step in Creating a Winning Digital Marketing Campaign, The Power of Visual Representation in Digital Marketing, and The Beginning of a Long Term Relationship. In this second section you will find the secrets to converting visitors into customers and vice versa. Digital Marketing Fundamentals teaches you about the most over-used and abused tools in digital marketing: the website and the email. Other topics include: The Best Way to Make Money Online, The Easiest Way to Make Money Online, AdWords Secrets, The 4 Hour Workweek, What Every Network Marketer Should Know, Why Companies Fail, Why People Use MySpace, and The Most Overlooked Step in Creating a Winning Digital Marketing Campaign.

The Digital Marketing Fundamentals is an excellent little guide. Within its pages are the keys to successful digital marketing campaigns: What is digital marketing? Why do companies need to use digital marketing? What type of digital marketing should they use? Most of the book is devoted to answering these questions but the final chapter gives readers three suggestions to make money online and introduces you to “The Million Dollar Month.”

The book ends with ten digital marketing strategies. I found that only three of them were presented in the way that I would consider to be truly useful. These include: Blogging for Dollars, Article Writing For Cash, and CPA Offers (Cost Per Action). However, I would not call any of these strategies in this book a digital marketing system, because they do not involve the creation or distribution of any material.

This book is a good introduction to computer internet marketing. It does not provide a complete digital marketing system, but it is helpful in getting a user familiar with the basics. For example, it contains a few good tips on how to use a word processor and spreadsheet software. It also provides an understanding of html and web design. The best part of the book is that it does not go into the details of complicated mathematical formulas, but provides enough general information to allow even someone who has very little computer knowledge to understand.

This book is only 200 pages long, so if you need more in-depth training on computer operation, I recommend another text. However, if you are looking to learn how to generate online income using simple, everyday tools, I would recommend this book. It is written in a very easy to read format and contains solid information that every computer user should know. The secrets discussed in this book are simple to implement and will generate money in any market place. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to make money online.